Brazil's New President Declares The End Of Socialism and Political Correctness

In recent years, Brazilian politics was dominated by progressive leftist ideology.

Black Lives Matter demonized the Brazilizan police, while far left politicians began limiting their power. Eventually the drug cartels began policing the streets.

And with over 60 thousand murders a year, a young Brazilian man has less chance of survival than a soldier in an active war zone. This paved the way for former army captain Jair Bolsonaro to win the presidency in a historical landslide victory.

Immediately upon being sworn in, they passed a bill to provide police and soldiers freedom from prosecution while on active duty.

They announced a plan for jail reform that will isolate the cartel leaders, seperate the gangs, and terminate the use of mobile phones within the jail.

Immediately following this, the gangs struck out against the new government. The Brazilian cartels burned and bombed dozens of public targets including buildings, bridges, buses, and banks.

Bolsonaro responded by sending 300 soldiers into the Favelas to root out and attack the cartels

And he is sending in more.

It appears as if Brazil is about to wage war against the drug cartels. And allow law abiding citizens to own firearms.
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