Wild pelican enters restaurant and instantly lifts spirits of Beirut diners

Diners at a restaurant in Beirut in Lebanon were amazed recently to see a wild pelican wander into the establishment and demand a fish snack.

Nazha Merabi was enjoying a birthday dinner with her best friends on September 8th when the huge bird named 'Ovi' came waddling in.

"He walked in confidently, slapping his feet on the floor and demanding his dinner," said Merabi.

"Turns out 'Ovi' was rescued by fishermen. The owner of the restaurant helped him recover and ever since he pops in every night for dinner," Merabi added.

According to Merabi, the light-hearted scene cheered them all up after a very difficult period of the city, which included the devastating port explosion on August 4th.

"Ovi brought laughter to our evening and shifted the conversation away from our friend Rania's endeavours to fix her apartment, which was ruined in the blast," she said.

"Beirut was smiling again!" she concluded.



By: NewsFlare (88947.00)