Russian Pranksters Force US Official to Admit that US Threats Against Venezuela are Empty

Famous Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus trick Elliott Abarams, guy who runs US Venezuela policy, in to believing that they are Swiss president and that they can give Americans secret accounts of Mauro government in Switzerland. Abrams is a war criminal who was organizing death squads in Latin America during Iran-Contra affair and was convinced in US for lying to US Congress but then pardoned by another US war criminal, president Bush Jr. Trump made him his special representative for Venezuela.

After salivating at the prospect of getting his hands on imaginary Maduro's gold in Switzerland, Abrams admits that treat of US military intervention in to Venezuela is just a trick and US is releasing hot air in a hope to scare Maduro. Skip to 20:00 for confession.

Vovan and Lexus became famous for pranking high level politicians and diplomats including former US ambassador Nikki Haley, congressman Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, presidents Erdogan and Poroshenko and others.


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