Crazy man threating people with a screwdriver

I'll try to translate:

guy with the camera: you're crazy, look how you threw my scooter

Sergio (aka crazy guy): i'm going to stab him

Someone asks what's he going to do to the car while she yells "Sergio" like 10 times, camera man calls him crazy and she tries to calm Sergio down and tells him she's going to call his mother. Sergio claims that he is more crazy than them (which i think we all believe)

Random guy: You're going to jail

Sergio: To Jail?! You're going to eat my dick (comer la polla a wonderful spanish expression)

Girl: But don't say that to him, he's going to kill you. Shut up

Random guy: That i shut up? He just broke my car!

Girl: I'll pay for it now because he is on a crisis

Sergio: Record it, record it



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Location: Spain