The hunt for the honey badger

Been looking for a new task, it may seem stupid but making films needs a task or as some leakers would say "What is the point"? and they're right. A video needs a point. This video idea/point started out by my dog finding some trails in a forest. The trails were not made by deer although they did look like deer trails. The forest was impenetrable for anything larger than a dog.

In the back of my mind i set out to make a path into this bit of forest, the intention was to create a bluff at the start so nobody could see the way in, a staggered entrance that did not look like there was a way in. Kindof a private little task.

In the end, I stumbled upon what appears to be an active Badger Sett . So a pointless exercise ended with project. The sett itself is large , some 20 meters between two of the entrances. It would be really nice if i could get some footage of active badgers. They are very elusive creatures, fun loving and playful . Please bear in mind it took three hours to clear the path, no trees were destroyed, just some branches cut.

i in no way want to disturb or damage the various flora and fauna around the sett, or disturb what appears to be a centuries old construction made by a badger family. So the videos / updates will be a few days apart.

finally thanks for watching.

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a drugs stash
A rabbit hole
A badger Sett
The elusive LL Honey Badger


By: OwenHiggins (4302.34)

Tags: liveleakers, TMOF, hills, outdoors, FLA, honey badger

Location: Ireland