Britain's Lying, Dancing Leader Beaten

She danced onto the stage to a standing ovation in October 2018, smiling, lying and pretending that she had worked out a perfect deal to Brexit. Turned out she was lying.

Now with her Brexit deal in total ruins, she is hanging on by her yellow teeth to survive as leader of what was once a great nation, but now the laughing stock of the world.

Lying and Dancing don't pay in life, stick to the truth and do your job properly. Nobody like BS. The citizens of UK hate her, but they are powerless to get rid off her in their so called democracy, until the next General Elections. Just goes to show that democracy is no different to a dictatorship, once the evil, incompetent, corrupt leader is in power, there is no way to get rid off them till the next general election.

RIP Great Britain.


By: EastLondon (553.50)

Tags: WTF

Location: uk