Newly-built overhead water tank crumbles and collapses in east India

This is the moment an overhead water tank came crashing down in Sarengi area of Bankura, West Bengal in India.

The tank was commissioned in 2016 and came crashing down after its foundation gave away.

The video captured on January 22 around 3 PM shows the dramatic collapsing of the water tank which crashed on a nearby building as water splashed in the nearby fields.

The panicked villagers ran in fear as soon as the beam of the tank gave away under the pressure.

The water supplies of at least 15 villages that were linked to the water tank have been disrupted for now. No one was injured in the incident.

One of the officials said: "People of 15 villages were supplied water from the tank that was commissioned in 2016. It had a capacity of 7 lakh (70,000 litres)."

The construction agency that had built the tank had a 5-year-contract and they will rebuild it as it had given away in merely under 5 years of the contract period.

It is being said that the locals had already noticed cracks on the pillar and had informed the authorities several times but it fell on deaf ears in spite of the numerous complaints by the villagers.


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Location: India