Florida beachgoers left shocked as lightning bolt strikes ocean creating booming rumble

A group of beachgoers in Florida's Boca Grande were left shocked as lightning struck the ocean creating a booming crack and rumble.

Filmer Alexis Zanaglio said: "It was my last day in Flordia after spending the summer there and my friends and I wanted to touch the ocean one last time.

"We decided we should record it for the monitors of our awesome summer. It was lightly raining out so we went to have one last quick jump in.

"As we approached the beach and dipped in our toes a big lightning bolt hit causing a big crack and rumble.

"Afterwards, we felt a tingle in our feet and we’re shaking a lot but everyone was okay. We then ran back up the beach immediately and drove away with this awesome clip."

This footage was filmed on August 19.


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