A burglar blew up an ATM without money using gas from balloons

The surveillance camera captured the moment of a daring but senseless robbery committed on Thursday, February 27, in the Pavlodar region of Kazakhstan.

The attacker pumped gas into the ATM, delivered to the crime scene in balloons. He managed to blow up the terminal, but after that the man was bitterly disappointed.

As it turned out, this particular ATM was turned off a few days before the robbery, as reported in the ad pasted on the screen. For some reason, the hijacker paid no attention to him.

According to local media , the 25-year-old suspect was detained just a few hours after the payment terminal was blown up.

Law enforcers suspect that the mountain demolition has an accomplice, the search for which the law enforcement officers are currently busy.


By: ThisIsButter (40179.40)

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