Rochester NY Police Chief Released Body Cam of Suspect Who Can't Breath

The Rochester NY Police Clinton Section
released body camera, surveillance camera footage, picture of a use of force incident that occurred on Oct 9, 2020 after.

The Rochester NY Police
The Patrol Section Investigations RPD
tried to stop a car involved in a shooting. The car crashed & the suspects ran - one of which has a gun in his hand. Without hesitation, RPD’s officers pursued the males & safely arrested them.

Sunday the father of Roy Siplin Jr who was arrested with a gun, said his son was punch in the face by officer during arrest.

In a statement released Sunday night October 11th, the Rochester NY Police confirmed Siplin was punched at least once in the face by an officer. The department said the officer hit the suspect because he was holding on to a fence and wanted to gain control of his arm. Siplin was also carrying a gun, police said.

“Due to Siplin’s resistance to arrest, his refusal to comply with the Officers’ order to let go of the fence and to place his hands behind his back, and the fact that Siplin was known to be armed with a handgun, one officer struck Siplin in his face in an attempt to gain control of Siplin’s arms.

A third female Officer then approached the scene and was able to retrieve the handgun located in Siplin’s waistband, while the other two officers continued to take Siplin into custody. No other strikes or impact techniques were alleged by Siplin,” the Sunday release said.

Siplin was also involved in a car crash prior to his arrest, police said. He and two other men were arrested, officials say, after they refused to pull over. The driver of the car crashed into a sign on Union Street in Rochester, and all three occupants fled the scene.

The Patrol Section Investigations RPD Officers recovered 2 loaded & illegally possessed firearms.

The Patrol Section Investigations RPD charged Kaliek Francis, 19, Roy Siplin, 20, & Jacolby Sermons, 19, with CPW 2&3. All are on probation for previous gun convictions. Probation Officers lodged violation warrants on all 3, which will


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