Thirsty king cobra drinks from water bottle in Thailand

This is the amazing moment a thirsty king cobra was given a drink of water after slithering onto a building site in Thailand.

The parched serpent was seen sluggishly moving through the property in Chonburi, eastern Thailand, on July 10.

Builder Jaraput Srichantuk noticed the dehydrated snake and rather than flee - or attack it like some locals - he kindly tended to the deadly animal.

Footage shows Jaraput calmly holding his water bottle to the king cobra's mouth as it gratefully laps up the liquid.

Jaraput said the snake was around 14ft long but was tame because it appeared to have recently shed its skin.

He said: "I saw the snake was having difficulty in a neighbour's property so I rescued him and gave him some water.

''I found his skin nearby and kept it as a souvenir to help me study snakes.

''People should not interact closely with wild snakes like I did, but I am used to them and have doen it before.''



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Location: Thailand