Woman steals purse, assaults employees at Massachusetts nursing home

Police in Worcester, Massachusetts are looking for a woman accused of stealing a purse and assaulting employees at a nursing home.

The video shows a woman walking into a room at the nursing home.

“She started taking things that didn’t belong to her. She took a purse [from] some of the employees and confronted her and she got very violent with them,” said Worcester Police Lt. Sean Murtha.

An employee follows behind her into the room and then tries to lock the suspect inside. When confronted, the suspect fights back violently, knocking employees to the ground on multiple occasions. Police say she threw one woman to the ground and slammed another one’s hand in the door. Several other employees jump in to help but the suspect eventually breaks out of the room, pushing over one of the employees, before making an escape.

Police say one of the women who fought back has a possible concussion, another broke a finger, and the third has some back trouble



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Location: Boston