- Stay on the Marked Trail! -

- Cliff Accident & Victim Recovery - June 28, 2020

LOCATION: 1300 Coast Walk
CITY: San Diego, California
DETAILS: Lifeguards received a call about a woman laying on the rocks 75 feet below the trail along the cliffs. When first responders arrived, they realized it was not going to be a rescue, but a recovery.

It’s not known why she left the safety of the trail, but many people do, as to get a better view from the top of the cliffs. When the lifeguard reached her, he stated that her body was still warm to the touch. SD City Lifeguards went in by Jet Ski, and recovering her body and took her by sea to La Jolla Shores to meet with the County Medical Examiner.



By: Homer Hart (10012.20)

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Location: California, USA