Crazy Kodger Offers Money For Psycho Assistant

517-745-8872 "I need a few people to work with me on an art project during my last years on the planet in the 2 Strand body of Dennis Dieckman. ONLY artists, nomads, adventurers, and other psychopaths need apply. Ideal date of birth 1985-1990. I do discriminate if you are a hard line believer in one of the old religions and believe that unless you convert me to believe in the true belief if will rot in hell or something horrible like that. Other than that you can be and believe in anything".

poll: What art project does he need help with?

Painting the roses red
Sculpting with Play-Doh
Decorating the house with dead bodies


By: Animal Control (613.10)

Tags: entertainment, crazy, psycho, nuts, retirement, art

Location: United States