Dashcam video captures high-speed chase

On Wednesday, the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office sent a deputy to the elementary school after receiving a call about a man behaving strange in the parking lot.

The caller said the man told him he had ice cream for a child and asked for directions.

When a deputy arrived, they saw Katrail Crumley in the parent pickup line in front of the school.

The report said Crumley backed a Toyota 4Runner into a parking space and got out of the SUV.

A deputy approached Crumley and asked for his driver’s license, but he said he didn’t have one.

As the deputy was running his information, Crumley got back into the SUV and floored it out of the school parking lot, per the report.

The deputy said he yelled at Crumley to stop. The report said Crumley responded by giving the deputy a middle finger and took off.

The chase went down several roads, including U.S. 1 and Griffin Road.

Deputies deployed stop sticks at U.S.1 and Landfill Road, but the suspect kept going, despite his tires sheering off the rims.

The report said Crumley drove over 80 mph, blew through stop signs, attempted to run vehicles off the road and drove into oncoming traffic.

The chase lasted more than 20 miles before it came to an end on State Road 200 when Crumley lost control.

Dashcam video shows the SUV spinning and hitting two patrol cars. Deputies surrounded the SUV and took Crumley into custody.

The Sheriff’s Office said the SUV was reported stolen out of Hamblen County, Tennessee.

Deputies said they found 3.3 grams of methamphetamine, two glass pipes, a digital scale, and baggies inside the SUV.

Crumley was charged with aggravated fleeing and eluding, theft of a motor vehicle, among other serious charges. He was also issued traffic citations.
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