Ukraine: Waiters Smash cake into faces of two obnoxious entitled white instagram girls.

Waiters at a restaurant in Ukraine who had reportedly grown tired of two diners' rudeness slammed cake into their faces - and the amusing incident was caught on camera.
Footage, filmed and posted online by an eyewitness, shows the pair of waiters arguing with two woman sitting at a table at Guramma Italiana restaurant in Kiev. The women requested the cakes only to take photos and then refused to pay for them and became rude to the waiters.
One of the woman can reportedly be heard saying: "Why the f*** would I eat your cake?"
In response, the young waiter shoves the cake into her face, prompting the outraged women to jump to their feet, with the other woman throwing her drink over the waiter.The waiter's colleague grabs another cake from the table and throws it at the other woman.

The video ends with the waiters moving away as the diners demanding to speak to the manager. Their bosses refuse to punish them.


By: houndsound (1300.80)

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Location: Ukraine