Three vanished with the help of a truck

Three women died in a terrible collision of a passenger car with a truck in the Saratov region. The accident got into the camera lens of the recorder.

The accident occurred around 19:30 local time (18:30 Moscow time) on August 8 at the 317th kilometer of the Syzran - Saratov highway . The footage shows that the driver of the domestic Priora did not even try to slow down before the intersection, having flown out onto which, he immediately fell under the wheels of a bitumen truck. The blow was so strong that the truck fell on its side, and the contents of the tank spilled onto the track.

Three Lada passengers died in the accident, a 24-year-old driver and a nine-year-old girl were lucky enough to survive, they are in a serious condition in the hospital.

Due to spilled hot bitumen, traffic along the highway was blocked for almost four hours.


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