Pro-Palestine Protesters Confront AIPAC 2018

While America’s largest pro-Israel lobby kicked off its annual conference on Sunday, Palestinian protesters and anti-Zionist groups marched against what they regard as a “criminal lobby that controls American foreign affairs.”

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee holds its yearly policy conference at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, often attended by high-ranking public officials including sitting senators and former presidents.

For the last several years, prominent left-wing activist groups including CODEPINK and the ANSWER Coalition, who style themselves as “anti-apartheid” and “anti-occupation,” have led marches on the convention amid as Israeli-Palestinian relations have deteriorated.

Donald Trump’s decision to move the American embassy to Jerusalem, coupled with detentions of activists including 17-year old Ahed Tamimi, contributed to what was already widespread discontent and anger in the Palestinian community over the status quo. One protester decried it as an unacceptable hike in “violence, , and lies.”


By: WashingtonAndBeyond (696.30)