Wild monitor lizard walks through bar sending terrified customers running away

A monitor lizard rampaged through a bar sending staff and customers running away in panic.

The 6ft long reptile wandered in from a nearby canal while owner Pattana Lamka was relaxing at the 88 Bistro in Pathum Thani, central Thailand on July 16.

Security camera shows the wild animal scurrying through the lobby before heading towards the kitchen area.

The reptile startled the staff who were working inside and quickly ran away from the scene.

One of the cooks grabbed a long stick to use as defense in case the lizard attacked for him. He jumped on the counter while his colleagues were following him, trying to stop the animal.

The monitor lizard eventually ran away into the back yard where it disappeared into the bushes.

Pattana said: "I was so scared of the lizard. I never expected that one would come into my bar. The only one thing I could do was just run away."


By: NewsFlare (83307.00)

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