I'm SICK Of The Media And Political INSANITY And Double Standards, ENOUGH

I'm Sick Of The Media And Political INSANITY And Double Standards, ENOUGH. Everyday the same story Trump trump scandal scandal impeachment impeachment impeachment.

It's like we live our lives stuck in an endless loop of the same insane stories being repeated over and over again.

Ukraine is Russia 2.0, all the same tropes, all the same lies, the same story. The media and politicians are so desperate for something to say or sell that they just repeat the same thing everyday.

A new poll shows impeachment is bad, yup we got it.
A new story implicates Trump, oh wait 24 hours later corrected.

I've had enough. We cannot go on like this day after day with the same story said in a different way.

It seems that the media narrative only knows one thing "Orange Man Bad" so even when Politico publishes news about joe Biden the media has no choice but to claim Trump is lying when he repeats the same story.

But enough, I'm over it. It's time to call out the absurdity and desperation from these people.


By: PoorPauly (2617.30)

Tags: Democrats self destructing before our eyes