Passenger Assaults Air France Cabin Crew On A flight to New Delhi

An Air France flight en route from Paris to New Delhi made an emergency landing at Bulgaria’s Sofia Airport on Friday at 5 p.m. after a passenger caused disruptions onboard.

As reported by Reuters, a passenger started quarrelling with fellow passengers soon after the flight took off. The passenger, an Indian citizen, also assaulted a flight attendant and pummelled the cockpit door, said Ivailo Angelov, an official from the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

This prompted flight authorities to take action leading to the commander taking an emergency landing at Sofia Airport. The man was taken off the flight and charged for endangering flight safety that carries imprisonment of 10 years if convicted. The flight later resumed its journey to New Delhi.

As quoted by Reuters, “We are investigating both his actions and his motives,” Angelov told reporters. “There is no reasonable explanation for his behaviour,” he said.


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Tags: brawl, airline fight, emergency landing

Location: Bulgaria Sofia Airport