Friday Night Flick --- The Thing With Two Heads


Starring Academy award winner Ray Milland (The Lost Weekend 1945)
and NFL star defensive lineman Rosey Grier

What a heck of a thing to happen to a black guy. He's convicted of murder and unable to persuade anyone of his innocence. He's willing to do anything to get another chance at life, so he volunteers for a weird medical experiment. The problem is that Ray Milland is an evil scientist who dreamed up the head transplant in order to ditch his old body because he was having a lot of trouble with arthritis. His sinister plan is to wait until his head grows on - and then cut Rosey Grier's head off! Not only that, but Milland is a racist with a line of lousy cracks about watermelon for dessert.


By: Sasha The Bear (447.90)

Tags: Evil Scientist, Racist old white guy, Black dude, watermelon, the thing with two heads, Rosey Grier, NFL, Ray Milland, Oscar, Academy Award, Grindhouse, Classic,