Victim kisses defendant who tried to kill her with 5 shots during jury in Brazil

During trial of a case of attempted femicide in Rio Grande do Sul, the victim, who was hit by 5 shots fired by a boyfriend, asked for permission for the judge to kiss the defendant. Not even getting permission, she stood up and kissed him.

Five men and two women compose the council of judgment which dismissed on Tuesday (28) an attempt of feminicide, which occurred in August 2019, in the center of VenĂ¢ncio Aires. The victim was in a square when the then boyfriend shot 7 times toward her.

Micheli Schlosser, 25 years, was hit by five shots. In jury, while gave testimony, he declared that everything happened after she caused the defendant, Lisandro Rafael Posselt, for 28 years. "he had never attacked me, was always very nice to me and already paid by mistake him", revealed. She completed by saying that "he was the best man with whom related in life".

Lisandro is in the State Penitentiary VenĂ¢ncio Aires and asked for a new chance to jurors by saying that you do not want to return to 'that hell'. The defense lawyer, Jean Menezes Severo, mentioned that the victim is more interested in the trial and she already forgave the defendant.


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Location: Brazil