New Channel Idea Plus SANDY HOOK GROUP is in CONTROL of NJ and Florida Gun Control Initiatives

like the title states...there is 0 opinion expressed in this video. I'm going to start another channel soon enough and I go over that in this video while at the same time showing you my liveleak channel currently being messed with and how I just published a video a week ago about NJ and Gun Control and who's running the show.........................blah blah take a look, and again, it goes along with why I'm making a new channel. thanks for watching, always appreciated.
links to articles shown in video to see for yourselves what they say:
"It's a entire state of New Jersey problem," said Murphy, speaking before an audience that included gun control advocates and members of "Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America."
Moms Demand Action: Gwen Graham is a Gun Sense Candidate Graham is the first and only candidate in Florida’s race for governor to earn the group’s distinction


By: Mattyd 4Truth (688.60)

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