Video shows state police trooper shooting 7 bullets at teen

A Connecticut State Police trooper held his gun steady late Wednesday afternoon as he fired seven times into a vehicle with a 19-year-old New Haven teen in the driver’s seat, body and dashboard camera footage of the deadly incident showed.

Trooper Brian North, a four-and-a-half-year member of the state police force, had been one of the officers who pursued Mubarak Soulemane on Interstate 95 from the Bridgeport area into West Haven.

Body camera footage of the fatal police-involved shooting shows what happened in the moments before, during and after the deadly incident — but still leaves unanswered questions.

State police released the 1 hour, 33 minutes and 50 seconds of footage late Friday night. In Connecticut, dashboard and body camera footage must be released no more than 96 hours after a fatal police-involved shooting.

But while the footage does give some insight into what happened, family members and community leaders are still searching for more answers.

The Rev. Boise Kimber of Calvary Baptist in New Haven, who joined family members of Soulemane on Friday for a press conference about the incident, said he watched the footage with some members of the family after it was released.

“I do not have adequate words to explain what took place and what I saw,” he said Saturday night. “What I did see was the officers blocking this young man in, making demands that he get out of the car. Well, he could not get out of the car because the state trooper car was against the side of the driver’s door.”

Dashboard camera footage for North and troopers Joshua Jackson and Ross Dalling showed the law enforcement officers racing behind a white Hyundai Sonata — reaching speeds up to 100 mph at times — across all lanes of travel and the left and right breakdown lanes on I-95 northbound for roughly 10 minutes.


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