UK golfer stays creative during coronavirus lockdown

This UK man from Barnsley, England found a creative way to play golf during the coronavirus lockdown.

In the video filmed on March 30, Lee Robinson is heard saying: "Well, golf courses are shut, no excuse, you can always find time to practice."

Robinson built a crazy golf-like course using materials he found in his home.

He explained: "My friend I go golfing with sent me a Snapchat of him bored in the house chipping golfballs into a loo roll so I thought I could beat that!

"All friends and family love it and posted great things about it.

"In the video, I take a long golfing putt up a homemade slope, which then drops the golf ball into a homemade crazy golf-like course using materials in and around my home.

"Then [it] finishes by dropping into a loo roll, that’s pretty much as simple as it gets, bored at home self-isolating."
- video encodings still in process -



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