Greensboro police release bodycam video in case where man died in custody after break-in call

Starts @ 2:00 mark

After getting court-required permission, the Greensboro Police Department has released body-worn camera footage tonight in the in-custody death last week of a man after a reported break-in call.

In the video, a compilation of the footage from the four officers at the scene, Police Chief Wayne Scott goes over what happened. It is about 25 minutes.

The city said in a release that Greensboro City Council members have viewed the footage in small groups.

Aaron Andrews, 35, died in police custody on June 17, after being detained, police said, in an attempted break-in at the Taylor residence at 2200 Maybank Drive in Greensboro.

"The chief felt like it would be important in terms of transparency to show what happened with Mr. Andrews when police arrived up until when he was placed into the ambulance," said Polly Sizemore, the police department's attorney.

Sizemore said the videos' release would put to rest any speculations or rumors about what happened with Andrews and allow the community to see it for themselves.


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