Update: Aryan Cowboy/ Umbrella Man

Minneapolis local Mitchell Wesley Carlson is accused in a police search warrant application of being a Hell’s Angels biker and ultimately the notorious Minneapolis “Umbrella Man” authorities believe purposely incited violence in Minneapolis by breaking windows at an AutoZone store after the death of George Floyd. He has not been charged with a crime but is under investigation, the application reveals.

The application further accuses Carlson, who also has a Minnesota criminal history, of being a “full-fledged member of the Hell’s Angels” biker gang and a “known associate of the Aryan Cowboy Brotherhood” a subset associated gang who police believe was purposely trying to stir up racial discord after George Floyd’s murder. Police described the Aryan Cowboys as “a known prison gang out of Minnesota and Kentucky.”
The affidavit filed on Carlson said he was also apparently present at an incident in Stillwater weeks before when several "Aryan Cowboys" wearing custom biker leathers harassed a local Muslim woman and her child while dining at a local restaurant. Restaurant staff offered that woman and her child safe passage to their car in the parking lot and Carlson was identified by pictures taken of the group harassing the woman and child.
Those photos were used to identify the 6ft 2inch Carlson as the main instigator/harasser leading the tinier Aryan Cowboys following his lead.
Mitchell Carlson previously has been convicted for gross-misdemeanor-level domestic assault, terroristic threats and misdemeanor-level fifth degree assault.
The Aryan Cowboy Brotherhood is made up of mostly ex-convicts and is one of the oldest organized white supremacy groups in America.


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