Erdogan the Biggest Criminal on modern History (Video)

In the video im uploading is show how Turkeys Drones Dropping chemical in the Greek Side of the borders in an effort to push the Greek Police Forces Back and allow thousands of illegal immigrans and fanatics islamists to pass to Greece and therefore to Europe

Erdogan invaded a foreign country (Syria) Without declering war and now after many dead turkish soldiers comming back from Syria and 11 Turkish Watch posts have been surrounded hes response was to use every mean (bus , taxis , army vehicles ) to carry out thousands of Illegal Immigrans and islamists to Greek Borders and help them move to Europe in an effort to force Europe to support him in Hes ILLEGAL Invasion after hes army got his Ass kicked from Syrian - Russian Forces .

I have also many videos showing how islamists are taking childens over fires to make them cry and then run in front of the cameras to take photos!!
Please take a look the the video link below to see what im talking about because im unable to upload it here

Turkey also equiping them with Ladders , tear gasses and cutters to cut the burb wires and pass on the Greek Soil



By: unlimited1981 (44.40)

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