Chinese firefighters pry open parcel locker to free toddler

Firefighters in southeastern China pried a parcel locker open to free a one-year-old after he was locked inside by his four-year-old sister.

In the video, shot in the city of Ganzhou in Jiangxi Province on May 19, a boy locked inside a parcel locker can be heard crying, while his mum trying to comfort him by saying "don't cry baby, mum is here".

Firefighters used a crowbar to pry the parcel locker open and the baby's mother carried him out.

According to reports, the mum was collecting a parcel on the other side when the one-year-old climbed into an open locker and his sister closed the door to lock him inside.

Fortunately, the boy was not injured seriously.

The video was provided by local media with permission.


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Location: China