Minding my own damned business. Just stopped at the Stop sign, and ...... crash, boom, bang !!

One and only upload (so far). My wife kept bugging me about why I thought I needed a dash cam. THIS is why. The lady in the white car tried to blame the driver of the pickup (can't see him until he hits me). I told the driver I had a dash cam, and he informed the Deputies. They viewed it, and she got ticketed.

Sorry, it's not really LiveLeak worthy. My apologies. What really pisses me off is I just had a custom graphic installed on my hood (U.S. Flag and bald eagle).

UPDATE - Although the damages didn't appear, even to me, to be that bad, the estimate came in at over $4,000. Bent the left strut and the left knuckle (whatever that is). The entire left side was peppered with flying debris and pitted the paint all the way from front door to rear quarter, below window to bottom of doors / body. Damage to the hinge pillar driver's door and the hood hinge (left).

And for all the idiots that said I saw it coming, you're right. But to those who said there was a clear road behind me and I could have backed up - WRONG. I've added the rear camera video. Note the same date/time GPS stamp.


By: Rick Cassano (637.20)

Tags: vehicles, accident, dash cam, bad driver, car crash, liveleakers

Location: Georgia, USA