2 AM Horn Dog Shoots Two Youts Robbing Him

Find someone online & go to hook up in the dark of early morn? Have at it, pal.
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A man claims self-defense after he shot and killed one of two teen robbery suspects who approached with a toy gun.

The shooting happened around 01:40 at the Forest Creek Apartments.

The man went to the complex to meet a woman he connected with on a dating website. While there, two people approached him with what he thought was a real gun.

That's when the man pulled his own gun, shooting one of the teens. The second suspect tried to give his friend via CPR, but the shot yout died.

During the shooting the gun jammed & he drove to a gas station and called 911.

Deputies say though the weapon looked realistic, it was actually a toy AR-15 rifle.


By: WoFat (6751.30)

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