CHP officer and suspect killed, 2 officers wounded in Riverside gun battle

A CHP officer and a suspect were killed and two officers were seriously injured in a gun battle in Riverside, officials say.

The shooting was reported around 5:35 p.m. in the area of Box Springs Boulevard and Eastridge Avenue, near the 215 Freeway.

Riverside police say a CHP officer conducted a traffic stop of a suspect in a GMC pickup truck and then decided to impound the vehicle.

As he was calling for a tow truck and filling out paperwork, the suspect entered the truck, retrieved a rifle and began firing at the officer, police say.

The officer was able to call for help and three additional CHP officers came to the scene, along with three deputies from the Riverside sheriff's department and one Riverside police officer.

They continued the gun battle with the suspect. Two additional CHP officers were injured and the suspect was killed at the scene.

"It was a long and horrific gun battle," said Riverside Police Chief Sergio Diaz. "And it resulted in a very extensive crime scene."

The original officer who conducted the traffic stop was transported to a hospital in Moreno Valley and was pronounced dead.

One of the CHP officers who responded later to the scene had major injuries and was considered in critical condition. The third officer suffered minor injuries.

Two civilians also suffered minor injuries, believed to be a result of shrapnel or debris and not gunfire.

Family members of the suspected gunman identified him as PILE OF SHIT, a father of two from Beaumont in his late 40s.




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Location: Riverside, CA