Meanwhile, back at the Rez

Cell phone video taken by Mary at the Golden Age Mobile Home Park, shows Three Affiliated Tribes Police Department vehicles chasing a car in circles driven by a woman.⁣⁣ Police can be heard telling the driver over the loud speaker, “stop the vehicle” as they pass by over and over.⁣⁣ The driver eventually stops going in circles, and heads away from the park with police right behind her.⁣⁣ It is unknown why she was running.⁣⁣ Not sure what is more amusing...the commentary or the fact that the cops could not stop the car.

Community Features...

Off-Street Parking
Street Width: Narrow
Age Restrictions: No
Year Built: 1999
Number of Sites: 20
Homes w/ Peaked Roofs: 50%
Homes w/ Lap Siding: 25%
Distance to water: 0.7 Miles


By: Long Beard (19855.80)

Tags: Reservation Police, North Dakota, Trailer House, Circles, Mary

Location: North Dakota