Thai farmer uses the sound from bamboo sticks to catch mouse

A farmer shows how he catches rodents that eat his crops - luring them into the open by shaking bamboo sticks. Kittiphong Suk-aum having trouble with the pests eating rice plants from his farm in Nakhon Ratchasima, northeastern Thailand.

Footage shows how Kittiphong shook several bamboo sticks that were tied together to lure the mouse into the open. The rodents were so hypnotised by the sound that they grabbed hold of the sticks, allowing Kittiphong to pick them up. He then dropped them into a bag to be disposed of, but in the video he allowed the mouse to be released so he can demonstrate his technique.

Kittiphong said that his homemade mouse-catching equipment was made of bamboo because the rats love the sound of it. He said: "This equipment is called Tok. I made it by fastening bamboo sticks together and then shaking them, like a musical instrument. The mice just cannot resist the sound of these shaking bamboo sticks. I use Tok to lure them which makes them easier to catch. It's better not to use the rat poison."



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