Policeman falls through station ceiling after roof collapses.

This is the shocking moment a policeman came crashing down through a station ceiling after the roof collapsed in Thailand on May 19 . Senior Sergeant Major Witchayut Srikrajang was adjusting flags on the roof of the building in Phitsanulok, central Thailand. However, the weak roof gave way and he crashed through the ceiling at the entrance of the building before hitting the ground. Astonished colleagues rushed to help him and he was taken to hospital. Witchayut, who has now recovered, was treated for fractured ribs and cuts to his head. The policeman said he fell down after he slipped while he was adjusting the flags following a storm. He said: "I saw the flags had been tangled up because of the strong wind so I went up there to adjust them and put them back to their position. "However, while I was doing it I slipped and fell straight through from the roof and ceiling to the ground. "After I was taken to the hospital I looked at the footage and realised that I was lucky because I saw my head hitting the floor, which could have been a serious injury." The police officer has been released from hospital but he still needs physio sessions before being allowed to resume duty.


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