Man has meltdown at Charlotte airport after being kicked off flight: 'They called me a f****** terrorist!'

A man at Charlotte Douglas International Airport had a meltdown after not being allowed to get on his flight on January 8.

The man can be heard saying: "... But this is what they do to us. They kicked me off the plane! They called me a f****** terrorist! And they want to f****** ruin my life."

The filmer said: "Before I started filming, I heard the man say something loudly about the constitution and saying he had rights. I had my back to him, but I turned around when he began yelling loudly, saying, 'this is America' over and over again. I then began filming the video ... Many people are saying he could be one of the people that invaded the Capitol on January 6 and is now on the no-fly list, although I can’t confirm this ... I assumed the meltdown that ensued was over him refusing to wear a mask because if you look closely in the video, he had the mask on his chin. I wasn’t within hearing distance, so I don’t know for sure why he began yelling. I did not hear him yell again after the video ended. I had my back turned to him, so I’m not sure what happened afterward. In the end of the video, a woman in a red coat approaches him and tells him he needs to calm down because she was thrown off of a Delta flight too."


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