Passersby leap into filthy canal to save unconscious man from drowning in Thailand

This is the dramatic moment two passers-by leapt into a dirty canal to save a drowning man.

The motorcycle rider was knocked into the water after a collision on the road next to the canal in Bangkok, Thailand on Tuesday (October 15) afternoon.

Onlookers said the victim was left unconscious after the collision and was dazed, unable to support himself in the sewage-infested water.

Passing motorcycle taxi rider Somchai Nakornthap leapt into the water to help.

Although the canal was not deep, he could not lift the victim up to the ground by himself.

A second man, a salesman who on his way to a meeting, then jumped in and the pair of them battled through the sludge to lift the injured man to safety.

Footage taken by the man's co-worker Sutimas Pianmatray shows how the hauled the man to safety.

Sutimas praised her co-worker and the taxi rider for their bravery. She said: "They are both so brave to risk jumping into the dirty canal to save a man's life."

The victim, who was seen covered in mud but still breathing, was rushed to the hospital by ambulance where he has been recovering since the accident.


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Location: Thailand