China starving countries under it of water from Mekong Delta River

Is this just physical evidence of a bigger picture?

4 countries, Vietnam, Thailand, Lao, and Cambodia, are being squeezed and the world isn't paying attenetion.

Many of these people are farmers and fishermen.

These people feed, and are the lifeblood of those nations. The pride of nations is also affected if the people are idle, starving, and have no leadership among themselves from the family, then the community, and then up. The World Powers want to go from the top down, and that will cause uprising across the entire planet.

The Chinese people are not bad. The UN, and complicit US Democrats and Republicans, have switched the blame of "pollution" caused by war corporations to be blamed solely on the people of the world. First it was "Global Warming". There has been patents to change climate, and by spreading particulates up in the air there can be cooling of the planet which has been a covert program for decades. During the American War in Vietnam clouds were seeded to make rain to flood the tunnels of the supply line of the Vietnamese Communists who were fighting the American occupation of their country. The UN and mostly US Democrats, partnered with China have failed with their world control of all business, farming, and management of all energy and world resources with their renamed "Climate Change" agenda. China lost the Trade War with US. History has proven that Democrats, the UN, and current Chinese dictatorship will do anything, and say anything, to further their agenda and be "elected" into power.

Should the world take the UK lead and Brexit from the UN, Chinese dictatorship, and cabal of billionaires in charge of us with Big Pharma, the War Corporations, and the Big Bankers who lend us money they they never had in the first place to be their debt slaves? The UK pushed to break away from the EU. We need a worldwide Brexit from the UN and try all the criminals involved for crimes against humanity with a People's Grand Jury ... use guillotines, rope or firing squads? Judges in courts worldwide are part of the problem. See who paid for their educations, who they are aligned with, and look into to their finances to see who, and what, bribed each and everyone of them.

poll: What is best method for punishment for crimes against humanity?

lethal vaccine/inocculation/sterilization injection (slow acting)
firing squad


By: SvenVonErick (1935.62)

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Location: Mekong Delta