Me 1st idiot in Miami, FAIL

2 left turning lanes,2 straight lanes, and this jerk tries to cut us off and bully his way in front of the truck that was in front of me and failed. (starts at 49 seconds) Then he tried to bully me and I also was not having it. He was flipping me off and pointing at the front of his car. I thought for sure he was going to cut in front of me to brake check me. I would of stuck a Ford grill on that crappy dodge, and shoved it into the sidewalk. Next time.
Then he tries to bully me by taking pictures of the side of the truck, and acting like he is calling it in. Good luck with that stupid. Your not the first that did that and called, and I gave the video to my boss.


By: 3rdrock (48.00)

Tags: road rage, liveleakers, vehicles,

Location: Miami Blows