SUV driver, 37, is charged with 'mowing down a "blm" protester and breaking both legs

A North Carolina man was arrested Monday after footage showed an SUV running over a "BLM" protester during a rally in Tennessee on Saturday.
Jared Benjamin Lafer, 37, handed himself in to police and was charged with one count of aggravated assault, officials said.
A clip posted on "social" media over the weekend had shown the moment demonstrator Jonathan Bowers, 31, was hit standing in a crosswalk in Johnson City.
The driver of the Ford Expedition, later identified by police as Lafer, heads straight at the protester, knocking him to the ground before driving over him and leaving the scene.
Lafer's attorney confirmed his wife and his three young children under the age of six were all in the car with him, adding the typical and pathetic excuse among those committing similar actions: 'He did what he felt was necessary to get out of a situation that he felt was dangerous to his family.'
Lafer, who was released on $20,000usd bond, is from Bakersville, which is an hour from Johnson City.



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Location: Tennessee