Body-cam footage shows police mistakenly arresting man for DUI

It's possible that 41-year-old Michael Wesley had been living with a degenerative disease for years before diagnosis. But there was no urgency to see a doctor to help explain his sometimes erratic behavior. After all, he had a college degree and an accounting job that paid well.

A mistaken DUI arrest in Mesa on his 40th birthday pushed him to put a name to the physical, involuntary movements he'd been experiencing.

He was soon diagnosed with Huntington's disease, an incurable, inherited disorder that breaks down the nerve cells in the brain, deteriorating a person's mental and physical functions. Symptoms include personality changes, mood swings, impaired judgment, slurred speech and involuntary movements.

Eventually, the DUI charge against him was dropped; his blood test came back clean. But a lawsuit he filed in Maricopa County Superior Court in October claims some remnants of the arrest haven't gone away.

The lawsuit against the city of Mesa and the six officers who participated in Wesley's arrest alleges they used excessive force and inflicted emotional and physical pain on him. It seeks damages up to $300,000.

J. Scott Halverson, Wesley's attorney, said his client's condition has worsened since the arrest.

In court documents filed this week, a lawyer for the city denies the officers did anything wrong.

Besides being the latest allegation of excessive force against the Mesa Police Department, the lawsuit highlights some challenges police face when encountering community members with mental or physical disabilities.


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