MAGA Hat Causes Another Racist Entitled Millennial Immigrant To Lose It

Just look at the state of these piles of garbage people who in a "free country" have labeled a cap with the words "Make America Great Again" as .

A. Why is that hat oh "more tolerant and educated liberals"? Why? Please explain that in your wisdom.
B. Why do liberals feel so entitled to their opinion but people of a different opinion are not entitled to theirs? Please explain oh wiser ones?
C. Did her dna help build America? What exactly does she want America to be and look like if she thinks a MAGA cap is the sign of racism? Why does it make her feel threatened? Please explain wiser more educated ones?

I'm so glad conservative people are finally standing up to these cancerous people who actually support socialism, race-ism against caucasian people (ll likes to take out that word btw), bigotry (against Christianity), and hatred for an elected president. About time to show these people that in a free country it means exactly that FREE! You don't restrict what people can say, you don't push others down in order to raise another up.

Shame them good! Libtard cucks. They think they're so entitled to bully people because of years and years of owned the media exclusively and making the most noise, that went to their heads and they believe they're better people, so that makes them feel whatever they say and do is righteous, and whatever opposing people say is evil. Same as all ideological people think, they believe they're more enlightened and morally better, and fighting for some higher righteous cause and others are lessor people as a result. Too bad Trump was elected hey you retards, now you don't have the total bully power to steer everyone and everything as you did before. The tables have turned that goodness. I love it! Owned. Stand up to every single one of these piles of garbage entitled anti-American pieces of crap, as THEY are the ones ruining the country and world with their non-stop judgmental hatred and utopian dreams.


By: BigBensSack (1591.40)

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