Subdued in the nude: man goes on naked rampage in Thai hotel after jumping from 2nd floor

Dramatic footage shows police chasing a naked Thai man through a hotel before he hurled himself out of a second-floor window today (March 7).

Songkram Saksee, 42, wandered through the building without his clothes before locking himself in the toilet in Pattaya, Thailand at 12:40 pm local time.

Police arrived and smashed down the door before Songkram attacked an officer.

They then lured him out by letting him wander into the corridor - where he dashed into the hotel's snooker hall.

Songrak then smashed the window with a stool and jumped some 15ft onto the ground below.

He suffered minor cuts from the broken glass and was quickly handcuffed and taken to the hospital.

Police are now investigating what caused the bizarre naked rampage.

Pattaya Police Chief Apichai Krobtech said: ''The suspect was arrested for causing damage and he is being watched at the hospital by officers.

''He is a Thai national from Ratchaburi province. We will check what substances he had in his body to find out why he behaved like this.

''He will have to pay for the damaged he has caused to the hotel and he will be prosecuted. He also attacked a police officer who tried to arrest him in the toilet.''


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