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The Start of a new cycle is upon us. What is mainly of interest is the correlation between the start of this cycle so soon after the last one had completed. Compared to 2008-2011 it is comparatively short wait between the start and finish, No 787 days of inactivity. . in the last few days activity is rumbling upon the face of our star. No doubt Some of you were asking for some of this stuff So i'm not making any excuses for putting your lot through watching this video.

Now to be honest i'm not sure if this is just a quiet rumbling from the previous cycle, you just can't tell, the sun is Much like a breathing animal with enormous lungs which has shallow and deep breaths. But sure we can get excited all the same about some sublte changes on the north and south that appear to be the beginnings of a new cycle.

If you don't like this move on, don't complain.

There are people standing at the north pole sitting on a frozen ocean of ICE debating man made global warming, this video is not for you. If you do not know what generates your magnetic field and the storms and heat beneath your feet and in the core of your planet you will be forever seeking answers . for those of you who know or have some idea of how the system works,

Happy new solar cycle to you

and enjoy the mix of weather as things sort themselves out.

Heres some guess work on Volcanoes and earth quakes.. Leaving out January as its too close

11th Feb
10th-11th March
9th 10th April
9th May
13th June
7th July
August 2020 an interesting month 6th August
3rd of September
2nd of October.
3rd November
1st December

Video is a culmination of last years solar footage and some older stuff.

This Autumn will see Saturn and Jupiter come together, so we will see the inevitable groups who believe in this stuff trying to kick off their antics around that time.

Some data footage from the end of film taken from

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