American fugitive, 39, dies a week after shooting himself in the head following prison break

An American fugitive who escaped prison has died a week after allegedly shooting himself in the head.

Bart Allen Helmus, 39, was appearing at court in Pattaya, Thailand, with his Thai girlfriend Sirinapha Wisetrit, 31, on November 4 for a trial on drugs charges when they escaped.

Helmus was captured on November 6 when police surrounded them in Sa Kaeo province near the Cambodia border after two nights on the run.

The American allegedly shot himself in the head, which also wounded his wife. Police initially said he was dead but medics at the Sakaeo Crown Prince Hospital later said that he was in a coma, being kept alive with a life support machine.

The hospital today (November 15) announced that Helmus had died the previous evening at 6pm. They did not say whether his life-support machine had been turned off.

Doctor Phuwadol Kittiwattanasan said: ''Since the American patient was admitted, there have been police guarding his room every day and changing shifts every eight hours.

''He died at approximately 6pm on Thursday.''

Police arrested Helmus and Wisetrit in July this year after raiding their apartment where they allegedly found 1kg of crystal methamphetamine, a pistol with 200 bullets, scales, plastic bags and 205,000 Baht (6650 USD).

Helmus allegedly ordered the drugs from the 'dark web' before selling them to customers around the Thai 'Sin City' resort.


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