100 years of climate data DELETED from Canadian government policy report | Sheila Gunn Reid

The liberal left is still at it, doing what they can to spread lies and disinformation about their "man-made climate change" crap in order to convince the average low-information population that it is absolutely necessary to implement their holy carbon taxes, along with taxing the hell out of everything else that consumers use, eliminate all usage of fossil fuels and implement 100% reliance on extremely unreliable "renewable energy", stripping the land to install wind and solar farms, eliminate all of the cattle because they fart - and this must mean milking cows also because they fart too - goodbye milk, cheese and their related products - restricting what kind of vehicles can own and operate, dictating what kind of dwellings can live in and where... well, I could list a lot more, but get the idea. And now - at least in the U.S. they are telling people to quit having children - in the name of "climate change", while we are surrounded by third-world countries full of people breeding like cockroaches with no means to support them; in other words, "we'll just import them to fill any 'voids' we might have". Of course we know it's to import their voter base (the bottom of the barrel) to cement the liberal scum as your rulers for the rest of time.
As usual, here they are again creating lies by redoing true climate history with their agenda-driven 'climate models', which exclude the climate history which debunks their lies. Nothing new here, I guess.


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