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  • Yosemite Natural Firefall 2016

    Yosemite Natural Firefall 2016

    OP: One of the most stunning moments in Yosemite National Park. The “firefall,” is a completely natural effect that occurs when the angle of the sun sets and illuminates the waterfall. This yearly

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    Leaked: 54 mins ago in Nature

  • What Are You Looking At?

    What Are You Looking At?

    Female Peregrine Spots Its Own Reflection

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    Location: Sussex, Wisconsin, United States | Leaked: 4 hours ago in Nature





    Crazy cloud a few miles away was very electrically charged.Put on a good show for the family for over 20 minutes

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  • Battle Between Lions & a Buffalo With Calf

    Battle Between Lions & a Buffalo With Calf

    Published on May 3, 2016 video showing the lengths to which a mother buffalo will go to protect her calf.calf dies in the end.but the manages to run back to the hard. Kruger sightings URL https:/

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    Location: South Africa | Leaked: 10 hours ago in Nature

  • Dashcam Shows Indiana Tornado

    Dashcam Shows Indiana Tornado

    Zionsville, IN - A tornado that hit Boone County last week and flattened a barn was captured by a Zionsville police officer's dash cam.Officer Nick Baldwin captured video of the tornado that moved thr

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    Location: Zionsville, Indiana, United States | Leaked: 13 hours ago in Other News, WTF, Nature

  • Going for a walk S1E1 (Part 2)

    Going for a walk S1E1 (Part 2)

    This is part 2 of the S1E1 "Going for a Walk" series including additional photographs i took. Details weather: Partially cloudy 13 Degrees Celcius Warm sunrays but gets quite cold durin

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  • Going for a walk S1E1

    Going for a walk S1E1

    05-03-2016 14:00 I thought to get my lazy nerd-ass off the couch and start doing something healthy like go for a long walk through nature. I'm thinking about making these a series, different locat

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  • Hand-feeding tiny 4-day-old baby mice!

    Hand-feeding tiny 4-day-old baby mice!

    Here at Wildlife Aid we are not species specific - we save all animals, including these 14 innocent baby mice! A kind lady brought these mice in to us after sneaking them out of a sure-death situation

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    Location: United Kingdom (UK/GB) | Leaked: 1 day ago in Nature