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  • Ebola Guidance for Airlines CDC Document)

    Ebola Guidance for Airlines CDC Document)

    (This is lifted directly off the CDC (center for Disease Control) website, a guide on how the airlines should handle airliners, and passengers, who may have been exposed to this deadly virus ~H.I.A.)

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    Leaked: Oct-2-2014 in Other News

  • Copper arrests hospital infections

    Copper arrests hospital infections

    Researchers have been working for many years with anti-bacterial properties of copper, especially for hospital-born diseases. In Santiago, Chile, a children’s burns unit is using medical garb mad

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    Leaked: Oct-1-2014 in Science and Technology

  • Coke Vs Rust Stains

    Coke Vs Rust Stains

    This is cool. I don't mind the occasional coke, but I didn't know it could double as a house hold cleaner.

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  • Ten days left to vacuum up a powerful cleaner

    Ten days left to vacuum up a powerful cleaner

    Anyone wanting to buy a powerful vacuum cleaner has only 10 days left to be certain of getting one - following new EU rules that come in next month. From 1 September, companies in th

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    Leaked: Aug-22-2014 in Other News

  • The Best of Bobo Cat and Vacuum Cleaner (Compilation)

    The Best of Bobo Cat and Vacuum Cleaner (Compilation)

    Bobo cat and his beloved vacuum cleaner.

    By: maggotsic22 | Comments: 15 | Views: 2040 | Votes: 10 | Shared: 8
    Leaked: Aug-12-2014 in Other Entertainment

  • Beating the Racket

    Beating the Racket

    ' just can't get away from it, we live in a noisy world. Some people say it's the price that has to be paid for progress, others believe that if we want peace and quiet all we have to do is dema

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    Location: England, United Kingdom (UK/GB) | Leaked: Sep-11-2014 in Yawn, Vehicles

  • Cats of the sea

    Cats of the sea

    A Look at Life; messing about on the water whimsy... 'over the last 10 years a new type of sailing boat has appeared in European and American waters, a boat with two hulls that can sail twice and e

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    Leaked: Sep-7-2014 in Other Entertainment

  • The Maple has new leaves

    The Maple has new leaves

    A Look at Life - a story of Roland Smith.... starts off with Nottingham England and quickly moves on to The New World... '...and one day the Smith's decided to seek a new life overseas, every year

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    Location: Canada | Leaked: Sep-6-2014 in Other Entertainment

  • Men against the Sea

    Men against the Sea

    A Look at Life filmette looking at how the Netherlands reclaimed the land next to the sea and prevented further flooding of the area... "for centuries the Dutch have fought against the sea, ha

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    Location: Netherlands | Leaked: Sep-2-2014 in History, Other

  • Power for Africa

    Power for Africa

    Saturday Cinematic whimsy with this Look at Life filmette from the now defunct stable of the Rank Films Division. Africa is showing how they are ' into the future'..... with the Kariba Da

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    Leaked: Aug-30-2014 in History

  • On Top of the World

    On Top of the World

    A Look at Life special - Lapland 'The family car in the form of a two seater motor-sledge costing about £400 has come to Lapland, a product of the mid 20th century is quickly changing the ways of

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    Location: Lapland, Finland | Leaked: Aug-26-2014 in Yawn

  • Chasing The Dragon

    Chasing The Dragon

    "in everyone of Britain's ports unceasing watch is kept for the most sinister contraband in the world - Dope...'. so intones Tim Turner in this Look at Life during the early 1960's. Hong Kong rehab

    By: thecleaner001 | Comments: 19 | Views: 678 | Votes: 5 | Shared: 5
    Location: Hong Kong | Leaked: Aug-15-2014 in Propaganda