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Added: Dec-8-2011 By: LL_Hayden

Welcome to the official LiveLeak blog. In here we'll be posting about developments, issues, and anything else related to the site.


Entry Added: 2 days ago By: LL_Hayden

I've been getting quite a few people complaining about the lack of posts in the staff blog. This confuses me as I'm not sure what I'm supposed to blog about on a regular basis. However, I don't like to ignore people or let them down so I set myself to researching what people blog about on other sites. To be fair I'm not sure it's very LL but you guys asked for it!

Today I had pastrami and smoked cheese sandwiches for my lunch. They were quite nice. I also gave someone in Payroll a bonus for going above and beyond this week which resulted in general feel good feelz for the best part of 25 minutes. I'm hoping to get to bed reasonably early tonight as I'm supposed to be insulating myself from an excess of stressful activities but I get bored easily and don't sit still very well. Guess it'll sort itself out.

My new shoes are also very comfortable today. I'm quite enjoying that.


Donald Trump came across a bit mental on the debates


I think Hilary might actually be mental.


Can't I just post these irregularly or when there's something worth mentioning? That might be easier. That way you guys can save up your whining and random (usually substandard) insults and use them more sparingly.

Oh yeah, the weather isn't great today and stuff.
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Entry Added: Sep-12-2016 By: LL_Hayden

Hi Everyone,

Quite a few of you have noticed a problem with images and images in comments. We hope to have the issue resolved early this week so you can continue as before. Sorry about that.

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The fine art of face palming.

Entry Added: Apr-26-2016 By: LL_Hayden

Each day I receive several mails or messages from utterly irate members. They normally revolve around the same subjects and have done for 10 years. I thought it couldn't hurt, although it probably won't help either, to put these "FMO" (Frequently Made Outbursts) up here so maybe you could check through them before bursting into my messages with white foam in the corners of your mouth. Thanks.

Outburst I got an infraction for nothing / why don't you tell me what I got an infraction for? **Insert random insult which is obviously the best way of getting sincere support**

Answer: If you received an infraction then chances are it's because you made a comment which was then reported and reviewed by a moderator. At that point your comment was most likely deemed to be against our rules and an infraction was given. I agree, we should tell show you what the comment was and we'll include that on the next update but how about - and I know this is totally out of left field here - you read the rules then before you submit a comment you have a little think about it? Also, it's just an infraction, it shouldn't affect your life too greatly.

Outburst: Your features are shit / childish / not what I like. What kind of retard do you have choosing those features? No wonder this site is going to shit **Insert random insult**

Answer: We choose features on various criteria. Some news based some based on viral potential. It costs a LOT of money to keep LL online and one way of helping out is by getting more people to the site hence the variety of media on the front page. I realise not all the media might be to your tastes and I also realise that despite there being a title AND description it still might come as a surprise to you but you can always click away from that page and find something you like. We love the fact you use the site but it isn't yours. We try to appeal to a wider user base out of necessity. As for the "what retard do you have choosing those features?", a crack team of retards. The cream of the crop.

Outburst: You give me an infraction for **Insert whatever racial slur this person inevitably used** but you have beheadings on your site. You're a fucking hypocrite and I remove my infraction.

Answer: It's never good to use words you don't understand. I'm sure you read "hypocrite" once and thought you had a handle on the meaning but I'm afraid that isn't the case. Our rules protect the site. Not people, not our delicate little sensibilities, not anyone in particular, just our site. If the only way you can communicate is by breaking our rules why not try furthering your education or hanging out on sites with other single cell organisms who share your views? I just want you to be happy after all.

Outburst: If you don't remove my infraction / unban me / let me rule the universe I will hack LiveLeak / reveal your personal information / come round and kill you and your family.

Answer: Dick.

Outburst: You only banned / infracted me because you happen to support the polar opposite of what I do or you're after me personally because of my amazing insight and commentary.

Answer: We probably don't know who you are. You're probably not that brilliant. The CIA don't want to spy on you either so stop using that shitty proxy.

Outburst: Your mods hacked me. I had an argument with someone who I'm sure is an admin here and the next day they found me on Facebook after I gave out my personal info and now they have pictures of my pets and dinner. The admin is called Shammy.

Answer: I highly doubt our mods hacked anyone, I highly doubt you've ever spoken to one of our mods, if you're being trolled outside of LL there's not really much I can do about it unless it's brought back here. Most of our mods aren't even members these days, too much speculation and nightmares if they were "outed". The mods are here to help the site, attacking members wouldn't exactly help and we'd see it before too long.

I'll add more to these as they come up but you get the drift. If you're upset by something here on LL just take a deep breath, remember it doesn't particularly affect your life, and get in touch if it still all seems confusing. Remember though, act like a dick and I will too. It's all about the lulz.
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