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Added: Dec-8-2011 By: LL_Hayden

Welcome to the official LiveLeak blog. In here we'll be posting about developments, issues, and anything else related to the site.


Entry Added: Aug-18-2015 By: LL_Hayden

Ever since the world was completely unsurprised to find out Russia had people posting their propaganda online (pretty much inline with the practices of most nations it seems) people have had an additional tool in their "debate" tool box.

No more would you simply have to dismiss someone as a "troll" because they didn't have the same opinion as you. No, now you can accuse them of being a government shill too! It's a handy way of actually avoiding any form of debate and ensuring you can pat yourself on the back later for your epic victory on the Interwebs.

Every week people come to us with tales of bot invasions wondering why we can't simply ban each and every one of them when it's patently obvious they're nothing but paid shills posting heavy on LiveLeak from some dusty basement in the Kremlin. I mean, if you can see it why can't LiveLeak? Clearly we're on the payroll too, right?

Here's the deal. We do check where possible but if we find someone with a pro-Russian stance who is from - let's say - Canada with a history of posting from a Canadian IP and no suspicious time stamp shenanigans how can we prove they're anything other than someone from Canada with a fondness for countries run by ex-KGB thugs?

Would you have us ban pro-Ukranian posters because they might be shills for the government placed there to help strip their national assets? Doubt it.

Here's the deal, as far as I'm personally concerned there are bad guys in every damn government. Yes, Putin is corrupt and dangerous, yes the leaders in the Ukraine seem awfully suspicious, yes the US and UK bomb the shit out of people to "bring them democracy" all the while failing to do anything other than leave death, destruction, and worse despots in place than the ones we bombed out.

Sometimes you have to accept that people do not see the world as you do. They believe, just like you, that their opinion is valid and truthful. You don't suddenly become 'more right' because you can call them a bot, a shill, or a troll. It just makes you pointless, a mouthpiece for someone else's agenda with no clear opinion of your own that you can defend.

Are there paid shills out there? Damn right there are, it's inevitable. Do I think they somehow focus massive attention on LL? Nope, I don't. There's nothing we can find to suggest such a pattern and I would hazard a guess Wikipedia and YouTube (along with - of course - Facebook and Twitter) are far more valuable targets for these people.

Where we find multiple accounts we'll remove them. Where we can see people aiming to do nothing but disrupt the site we'll deal with it. We won't, however, ban people because you don't like their opinion. It can't work like that.

So, if you're convinced beyond all doubt someone is a shill or troll or whatever just let us know. But please make sure you have a reason beyond "He's pro *insert country you don't like here*" because that's just daft.

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Media partnerships...Redux.

Entry Added: Aug-17-2015 By: LL_Hayden

Seeing as some folks with an axe to grind are determined to make a conspiracy into a case and - more importantly - some people really don't know the score with media partnerships I thought it would be worth giving out some info and generally talking about the situation.

LiveLeak is a pretty big site these days. Not Youtube massive or anything but certainly pretty damn big by our standards and many people want to use it as a platform for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons, and chief amongst them, is the desire to share media.

Over the last few years we've entered "media partnerships" with several outlets, independent producers, and individuals who found their media was being shared on here quite often without their permission. Sometimes this resulted in DMCA requests, other times just a polite request, and on occasion a realisation that they might as well post here themselves. And before you scream bullshit just ask someone who's been on here for years (and isn't part of some hysterical clique) to tell you about press TV, RT, and other posts.

Causing the most consternation at the moment are the media partnerships with Ruptly and PressTV. Ruptly is the video arm of RT which is pretty much Russian state television and Press TV is Iranian state television. Their media was being posted here a hell of a lot so they wanted to come on board and with pressTV is was also due to - shall we say - inconsistent hosting elsewhere.

Now, we do get many of you don't like Russia or don't like Iran. Many probably don't like both. Does that really mean we should prevent them from posting? What is Ukraine Today wanted to post and we said no? What if Israeli TV wanted a channel and we refused? Fox? CNN? e.t.c? Yeah, that would be different, right?

A media partnership is just that. We provide the platform to host their media. They don't pay us, we don't pay them, we don't hang out in super top secret meetings with high ranking officials from the Kremlin (sorry, not sure what the equivalent is called in Iran).

LiveLeak has a long standing tradition of allowing people to post so long as it's within our rules. Remember Geert Wilders? Yeah, nobody really wanted to let him post until he'd posted here first. Does that mean I'm also on board with Geert Wilders? Kind of strange if I was considering some of you guys also have me as best buddies with Iran (who once referred to me personally as part of the Anglo / Dutch conspiracy against Islam BTW).

Some of you really do need to get over yourselves and your opinions. If I can avoid letting my personal politics cloud my judgement why don't you try the same? Don't seek to ban something because you don't like it, either answer it, challenge it, or ignore it and move on. It amuses me sometimes to see the lengths some people will go to in order to generate outrage over nothing. It amuses me further when those claiming only to support freedom request censorship and further censor members themselves should their opinions differ.

If you want your favourite news outlet to post here, tell them to post. It's not our fault if they don't want to.

I certainly don't "align" myself with Putin nor the ruling leaders of Iran but I would never seek to silence their voices. I like to know what other people think, it's called learning. I listen to some of you guys too, remember. Everything is propaganda to someone after all. Take a look at our western media for further evidence.

Lastly, Ruptly. As I said they are the video arm of RT in as much as they're part of the same network. Before going mental about that why not just take a look at their channel on here and tell me just how propaganda heavy it is. Sure, there'll be one or two things but that seems par for the course. Mostly they upload video media rather than editorial pieces.

Think, breathe, relax. Stop being silly and think it through. Just because we won't fight along YOUR ideals doesn't mean we've chosen someone else's. We often have to tolerate media and opinions that go against some of our personal ideals and beliefs. Luckily we're not quite as given to outbursts as SOME of you guys.

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Freedom of Speech.

Entry Added: Mar-3-2015 By: LL_Hayden

You can be sure that the most common complaint on LiveLeak regards people's 'Freedom of Speech' or rather their interpretation of it anyway. Without fail someone will break the rules they agreed to abide by in joining the site and then complain we're stifling them. We're in our ninth year here on LL and people still don't seem to grasp a rather simple concept. You have freedom of speech in its truest sense here on LL, all we ask is you avoid certain language whilst sharing your brilliant insights in order to help us keep the site viable.

Look at the rules you agreed to abide by, what part of them curtails your freedom of speech? You are still free to criticise any religion, political stance, brand of car you wish. Yes, I know pro-Muslim people claim we're pro-Jewish and pro-Jewish people claim we're pro-Muslim but that boils down to selective perception. You can post that you dislike a religion all you please but you dropping "kike" or "raghead" in there means we'll probably remove it if we find it and give you an infraction. Your freedom of speech, should you use terms we don't want on the site, is only being curtailed by yourself.

We don't have rules regarding ideology. Many people want us to launch some kind of war on racism but it's not our place to do it. Who are we to tell people "stop being an ignorant dick"? We don't want to control or rule anyone, we want to have an awesome media site with an active and vibrant community.

If you follow the rules it doesn't make you a sheep, it just means you support the site and what we're trying to do. If you find our rules oppressive just move off and find somewhere more to your liking. Making account after account to bitch about it isn't going to change things beyond cementing our opinion of you as someone we'll most likely never listen to.

Think about what freedom of speech actually means. Think about why we'd be interested in banning people from a site that relies on its members and viewers. Use your brain before churning out what's practically become a meme from people so self entitled they think the world should revolve around them. Just think.
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