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Added: Dec-8-2011 By: LL_Hayden

Welcome to the official LiveLeak blog. In here we'll be posting about developments, issues, and anything else related to the site.

Honesty is the best policy.

Entry Added: 1 day ago By: LL_Hayden

Whilst I know some of you will ignore this, ridicule it, claim it's all lies and - much like Alex Jones - you have PROOF! Just proof you can't provide right now, I thought it would be cool to lay out there how we view things on the LL team.

The first thing is, we aren't here to tell you how to think. Whether you're liberal or conservative, black or white, rich or poor, how you think is your business. If you take a couple of minutes to look at the rules you've agreed to you'll see there are no rules governing your opinion. Whether we agree or not is irrelevant. We only ask you to voice them within our rules, and those rules in no way prevent you voicing that opinion.

We aren't perfect and don't think we are. There are so many things we want to improve on LL, included among them are consistency, transparency of our infraction and account status system, right down to improved contact. I'm sure there are sites out there which can do all this in a heartbeat but LL isn't one of them. We all have jobs / businesses. LL isn't Google with massive resources and we aren't a small one man operation where sweeping changes can be carried out over a weekend. We're a big site that runs cut to the bone to ensure it does run.

We don't ban people for nothing. On a site which relies on users that would be stupid no matter which way you slice it. And before you say "But you are stupid" whilst we aren't all Einsteins (I'm certainly not) between us we've run sites catering to 100's of millions of users over the years. That doesn't make us right on every occasion but it counts.

I am definitely a liberal person. No doubt about it. LiveLeak is built around a liberal ideal. The constitution of the United States is built around a liberal ideal too, so keep that in mind. Don't confuse this with political parties. Whatever your allegiance don't assume we're against you. It's not like our group all vote one way and agree constantly. Liberal does not mean Democrat. After all, Hilary doesn't seem terribly liberal does she?

Our rules on racial slurs are about protecting the site. Whether you like that or not, agree or disagree, that's how it is. If you find it hypocritical, annoying, wrong, or a sign of our political correctness gone mad (which is amusing given the media and people on this site) that's fine. But the actual reason is it protects the site. Whilst I find it ignorant personally don't you think it would be better for us to not have to have any rules and dish out infractions? Do you think we like having to deal with the complaints? Everything has a solid reason, none of them are to do with protecting anyone's feelings.

LiveLeak is a two way street. We'd be nothing without you guys and you guys would all be sat somewhere worse without us. It's symbiotic. You don't owe us a damn thing, by the same token we won't kowtow to you. We take on board valid criticism, we listen to what you have to say. We aren't obliged to act on it or weather abuse without answering back. Ask and you'll get an answer, wrap your question up in an abusive tone and you'll either be ignored or get a dick response. You're not my customers nor my masters and I'm certainly not yours.

Now let's just all hug and get along FFS.
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Search Errors.

Entry Added: 2 days ago By: LL_Hayden

Some of you might have noticed search is not working / generating errors. We're currently undertaking some hardware upgrades and maintenance. We hope to have everything back up and running shortly.
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One last time...probably.

Entry Added: 6 days ago By: LL_Hayden

So, freedom of speech. I hear about this a lot, usually framed by "What about my rights?". It's always interested me because I am a believer in free speech, freedom of expression, and a level playing field. I imagine at this point some of you are practically screaming at the monitor and using words you don't really understand such as "hypocrite" but hang in there, I'm going to answer all your questions.

LiveLeak is a video sharing site. It has a great community, has some outstanding uploaders, but it's a video sharing site at its core. It's not about your ability to post shit memes you found on the Internet (though we're working towards ensuring you can do so with greater ease, because you want to). It's not about linking to other sites and it most certainly isn't about allowing you to do anything which harms the site. It's about sharing media, then sharing opinions. Pretty simple.

Since 2006 we've had rules in place regarding racial slurs. We've tried over the years explaining this isn't to prevent butthurt or to be overtly PC, it's simply about ensuring we can continue to provide a solid platform without ending up as some dusty graveyard of a website bedecked in porn ads. No matter your opinions of us we know how websites work, there is a great deal of experience in the team, and we've run at least two of the most awesome websites ever (though I might be biased there).

We run this site to provide said platform and do what we have to do to ensure we cannot only survive but thrive AND keep in place people's ability to enjoy freedom of speech. And you have that. When have you been censored due to your opinions or beliefs? And be honest, have you made a post within our rules and been banned or given an infraction because we don't like your opinion? If so let me know, but experience teaches me these "opinions" are usually wrapped up in a comment which breaks our rules. Experience. It's a good thing.

But I believe in freedom of speech. Yes, we ask you not to use racial slurs but what kind of moron can't convey their opinion freely without them? Well, probably the kind of moron who thinks their "right" to freedom of speech is affected because they can't spell black with an n and two g's. "But what about anti white slurs???". Many slurs aren't on the filter. Anti-white slurs aren't an issue here because the only people who ever seem to use them are morons complaining they can't use racial slurs to describe other races and somehow think they're arguing from a position of strength.

We have our rules, you agree to them by using the site. If you're genuinely treated unfairly then get in touch, I will look into it. But the key word here is genuinely, not 'you think because you're the centre of the Universe and you have rights". You don't have the 'right' to do anything on LiveLeak, it's private property. But we do what we can to allow you to convey any thought or opinion without censorship. It's a fine line but it's one we have to walk.

So how do I believe in freedom of speech and freedom of expression and all that when we have such rules? I've explained the freedom of speech one as for the rest I believe in an open and fair Internet. I don't believe any one site should have to be a one stop shop. There will be other sites which embrace your desire to use racial slurs, watch porn, see random gore clips. There are millions of them. Why is your desire to do everything on here more important than us keeping the site alive?

I oppose centralisation, I applaud true diversity. You want it, find it. Can't find it? Build it. Make it happen. But don't stamp your feet demanding we do everything for you just how you want it or it isn't fair. Chances are, if we went through your posting history, we'd discover some hypocrisy on your part. And I say that actually knowing what the word means.
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